Fully Enclosed Vehicle Transport Let us transport your luxury vehicle safely! We can pick you car up and drop it off at your convenience, be it near or far, our enclosed vehicle transport service gives you the peace of mind of knowing your car is in safe hands! BOOK ONLINE

Carbon Wrapping Solutions Carbon wraps accentuate the beauty and detail of your car! Let our team of experts guide you with professional advice on how to wrap your vehicle properly, to accomplish a unique look that’s  sure to turn heads. HD Detailing offers the finest quality carbon wraps installed with the latest methods so you […]

Interior Detailing We enjoy our car the most when we’re driving, so a proper detail helps elevate those moments of fun and travel. Car Interior Detailing helps maintain your interior keeping it clean and in pristine condition allowing you, and your passengers to enjoy the experience. Every detail includes a full vacuum and steam clean, […]

Rim, Tires & Brake Detailing Keeping your rims and brakes clean not only looks great, it also improves performance and safety! Let us do the hard work of pressure spraying all the grit and brake resin out from between your calipers and rims to get your wheels looking fantastic! After which, we carefully clean and […]

Paint Correction Detail We all love that new-look feeling and paint protection and enhancement can give you just that! Imagine a detail that removes light swirls and imperfections while guarding against the elements.  The vehicle is treated to a thorough detail, followed by a paint protection treatment that’ll leave your car looking as good as […]

Dry Ice Cleaning HD Detailing is proud to offer Dry Ice Blasting! This unique technology optimises the detailing process where dry ice, the solid form of carbon dioxide, is accelerated in a pressurized air stream and directed at a surface in order to effectively clean it. This intuitive method leaves no chemical residue as dry […]

Paint Protection Film Installation Paint Protection Film is fast becoming one of the most reliable and cost-effective ways to protect your car! Protection film integrates seamlessly with your car’s paintwork protecting it from chips, scratches and paint imperfections caused by harsh weather conditions. Our film thickness and application methods are in line with international industry […]

Colorlock Leather Care & Restoration At HD Detailing we are meticulous about interior care! Your car is your pride and joy and our premier Colorlock treatment is the perfect way to look after and restore your car’s interior to pristine condition. HD provides professional leather cleaning services using only the best products that are designed […]

The HD Detailing Special Treatment At HD Detailing we love what we do, and you can be sure that “love” translates into our meticulous care and quality work ethic. Every HD Signature Detail comes with a thorough wash and clean, using only the finest products on the market to keep your luxury ride in tip-top […]